Mr Kitly Exhibition

Self Help for Plants

We expect a lot from our plants ~ nourishment, clean air, beauty ~ and sometimes they need a little help. To be their best, to live up to their full potential. A crutch for a sagging limb, a net so they don't fall, a trellis to support their climb. Self Help introduces new works by Smalltown designed to give our plants a helping hand
6mm braided polyester
Image credit:
Elise Wilken


Basket Hanging

An elegant and compact pot hanging. Dense, detailed knotting hides the plant with a simple handle for suspension. All pieces are hand crafted and made to order in the Smalltown studio


Material: 6mm polyester rope

Dimensions: 760mm(H) x 240mm(Dia), Basket 200mm(H)

Rope colour: Zigzag (Colour/White) & Solid colours - Beige, Charcoal, Black, Blue, Purple, White



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